frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me anything to be a mystery shopper? No, and legitimate mystery shopping companies will not require you to pay a fee up front to register with them. You may be asked, however, to use your own funds to make purchases during the shopping experience. In these instances you are told how much of a purchase will be reimbursed.

How do I get paid? And when? Shoppers are paid monthly, on or around the 20th of the month for the previous monthʼs
shops. For example, a shop done in May will be paid on or around June 20. Payments are done exclusively via PayPal. All shoppers are required to have a PayPal account.

Does my inclusion as a mystery shopper make me an employee of Consumer Service Analysis? No. All shoppers are independent contractors. You will be required to sign an independent contractor agreement and anyone receiving more than $600 in a calendar year will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes. You are responsible for any State or Federal taxes.

I received a check from Consumer Service Analysis. Should I cash it? No. This is a scam and it will eventually cost you money. Consumer Service Analysis pays its shoppers exclusively via PayPal. No paper checks are ever distributed to

Iʼm not sure Iʼm cut out for this. Is there training available? All new shoppers are submitted to a training and screening process. During this time you will be trained and assigned a shopping experience which includes a writing sample. At the end of training and the test shop, the shopper will either be assigned to additional shops or removed from service.

What kinds of shops are available? Consumer Service Analysis provides a wide array of shopping survey services to its
clients and serves in a variety of industries. Shops can include retail, grocery, online, customer service lines, home improvement, and more.

Can I choose the shops I want to do? Shoppers are provided a list of available shops and can apply for the ones that are of
interest (whether it be the industry, location, etc.). Consumer Service Analysis assigns shoppers to their shops based on shopper rating and availability. So while you may apply for the shop, you may not get all for which you apply. You will not be assigned to
any shops for which you did not apply without a consult from your scheduler

Isnʼt this like spying or setting employees up to fail? Absolutely not. Mystery shopping provides business owners a valuable perspective that they would not otherwise be able to obtain. All we ask of shoppers is that they keep their eyes and ears open while shopping to provide the best feedback possible. You interact with employees as though you are an average customer needing assistance. Throughout the experience it is vital that you stay impartial.

How much time should I plan on dedicating to mystery shopping? The average shop can take up to two to three hours. This includes preparation prior to the shop, the actual shopping experience, and the write-up following the shop. We ask that our shoppers take their time through with each step to ensure that details are adequately tended to. This is so that the business owners receive the beset feedback possible.

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If you have an eye for details, like to shop, can follow simple directions, and can adhere to deadlines, you may be the perfect mystery shopper. The Consumer Service Analysis mystery shopping team is filled with ordinary people just like you. Use the links below to find out more about being a mystery shopper and how it can supplement your income.

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