Common Areas of Focus in Surveys


Was the exterior of the facility clean and well maintained?
Was the parking lot well lit (if applicable) and in good repair?
Was signage visible and in good condition?
Were the doors and windows clean?
Was the interior clean, with no trash or debris on the floors?
Were items/products neatly stocked and organized?
Was lighting/temperature appropriate?

Customer Service

Was the employee neatly groomed and in proper uniform with a nametag?
Did the employee greet you with a smile and good eye contact?
Did the employee answer your questions politely, and with good product knowledge?
Did the employee suggest another item, or attempt to upsell?
Did the employee thank you or offer a friendly parting comment?


Were items of good quality, with no damaged merchandise visible?
Was your appetizer/entrée/desert served at the right temperature, and have a good taste?
Were beverages served at the appropriate temperature?
Were any items past the expiration date?

We work closely with our clients to determine the additional types of questions to ask in order to collect relevant information.