we offer these services

On-Site Mystery Shops: Trained individuals pose as real customers to confirm employee adherence to company policy, specific behavior standards, associate selling skills, facility cleanliness and quality of products. Shoppers complete a survey following
their shop to provide the most accurate information possible.

Telephone Performance Evaluations: If your company provides customer service via telephone, our shoppers will place calls to a specific individual, department and/or call center to determine how well calls are being handled. Phone calls can be attached to
survey forms for quick and easy client verification and access.

Cybershops and Internet Performance Evaluations: Our shoppers will visit your online store to evaluate service and responsiveness to email inquiries.

Competitive Shops: Our shoppers visit your competitor╩╝s stores to compare levels of service based on the same standards that you use within your organization.

DATA to improve the way you do business

The ultimate goal of any survey is to provide qualified and useful data that companies can use to improve customer service efforts. To do this effectively, Consumer Service Analysis works with you systematically to customize a mystery shopping program that will provide the information you need.