What others are saying

Consumer Service Analysis, Inc. provided excellent evaluations on how well our employees treated their customers. The reports we received revealed some surprising details which we used to restructure how we did things.
Tad Miura, President Deja Vu Surf Hawaii
Consumer Service Analysis, Inc. has been working with Mobi PCS since 2010. Noelle Condon is our primary point of contact, and our interactions with her are pleasant. She is knowledgeable about her business and listens intently when we communicate our needs. Noelle is frequently assisted by Beverly Johnson. Beverly responds to our inquiries promptly, and handles issues quickly and efficiently. We are satisfied with the quality and service that CSA provides, and would recommend their services to others.
Kara Honda, Training & Development Manager - Mobi PCS
Customer service is our number one priority and CSA has been a great partner that has helped to ensure we are providing the best service to our customers. CSA has been on time and on budget with their services for our company. We will continue to utilize their services and we recommend CSA to other retail businesses.
Tricia Ejima, UH Auxiliary Enterprises
Consumer Services Analysis has a quality product and Noelle demonstrated her willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate our needs. The quality of the work produced is superior to other shopping services we have reviewed.
Reed E. Young, City Mill Co., Ltd
CSA has been a pleasure to work with. While some folks would just do whatever their client
may wish, CSA provides critical yet honest feedback so we could do things even better. I
have always had the impression CSA had my best interests at heart and they worked very hard to
keep things operating smoothly.
David G. Sellars, KTA Super Stores
All Members of CSA are readily accessible, and any problems are cheerfully handled with a professional flair. I feel comfortable contacting them for any reason without worry that they are too busy for me. There are many aspects of this business that can cause bumps in the road, and CSA is a great company to have around to help smooth out the ride.
Pamela Wolfe, Times Supermarket
CSA carefully listens to our needs and have custom tailored a mystery shop program to accurately measure our customer service progress. They ensure that from start to finish, the process is professional, accurate and timely. They have an excellent network of shoppers in Hawaii and across the Mainland who complete our mystery shops on time and to our standards.
Beverly Sorensen, Sullivan Family of Companies